Selection of Circulating Water Treatment Pipeline for Pools

Pool circulation pipe
In order to ensure that the pool water treatment process is carried out in an orderly manner, a complete pool circulation pipe is important

Material selection of circulation pipeline

Swimming pool water is rich in varying degrees of chemical residues, which has certain corrosive properties. Therefore, the raw materials of the swimming pool circulating water treatment pipeline should be corrosion-resistant. The raw materials of circulating pipes should be ABS plastic pipes, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) plastic pipes, hard polyvinyl chloride plastic pipes and other special water supply plastic pipes.

The advantage analysis of different material pipeline

When the pool plumbing selection has special requirements

Diameter and flow of pool circulation pipe

Pipeline countercurrent pool circulating water treatment

1. The return pipe connected to the overflow return water inlet is usually calculated according to the flow state of the gravity flow full pipe, and its slope should not be less than 0.003-0.005 slope balanced water can not balance the pool.

2. When the circulating water of the countercurrent swimming pool is treated, the overflow return water outlet is connected to the return pipe. If the overflow return water outlet is connected to the balance pool below the maximum high water surface, the pipe diameter of the return pipe should be determined according to the hydraulic analysis above the water level to calculate the gravity full pipe flow rate or the engulfing flow rate.

3. Because the return port of the countercurrent swimming pool circulating water treatment system is located in the overflow return water tank at the edge of the swimming pool, the tank is connected to the atmosphere, so the connection method of the overflow return pipe connected to the return port is not the same, and the actual flow rate of the return port is not the same. In some engineering test operation systems, the noise of trapped gas in the return port, this is because the flow resistance of the return port is small, and the practice of return is greater than the upstream return of the return water to the port, resulting in the surface of the return port can not form a phagotic water layer, and then by the gas water mixed flow, the surface of the return port shows the phagotic water layer.

4. Because it is far away from the return water main, the flow resistance increases, and the flow of the return water outlet can not be discharged in time. This indicates that there is a certain layer on the surface of the intake.

5. After reducing the effective cross section of the return port (which was random at that time and no test was conducted), the situation was improved, but not completely improved. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the noise reduction type or the flow adjustable type water return port in the actual project.

Measures to prevent the sound of water spraying in pipes

In some projects, due to conditions, the return water main is connected to the water surface of the balance pool, so that the air inhaled in the return water main can not be released in time, so that the return water outlet near the end of the return water main intermittently appears water column mixed with gas and water, accompanied by beeping sound. This caused shock and disturbance to the swimmers. In order to avoid this situation, the following methods should usually be used:

1. The return water outlet of the overflow return tank on both sides of the pool is separated from the connection of the respective return water pipe, and the return water pipe is separated from the balance pool, this method can still be done;

2. The end of the overflow return tank is provided with a return water pit, and a return water outlet is provided in the pit;

3, the respective return water pipeline should be as much as possible higher than the maximum high water level of the balance pool 300-400mm;

4, the pool of circulating water treatment return water inlet connection, such as the use of stroke connection, this is more difficult to achieve;

5. Select the noise return port with adjustable flow.

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